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Baby Contest

Changes to Hendricks County Baby Contest

Baby Contest – Saturday, July 20th at 1:00pm

No pre-registration needed

$10.00 registration fee per child to enter the contest.

Admission is FREE.

The baby contest will be held Saturday July 20th. Doors will open at 12:00pm and the contest will begin at 1:00pm. You will not need to pre-register.The registration form is posted on our website at www.4hcomplex.org and you can bring with you the day of the contest. You must be a Hendricks county resident. There will be separate groups for Boys and Girls age groups are as follows: Twins 3 months–3 years, 6-8 months, 9-11 months, 2-3 years, 12-18 months, 3-5 months, and 19-23 months. These age groups are based on the age of your child as of July 21st, 2019.If you child is younger than 3 months, it is your decision as they will be put in the 3-5 month division. This will be the order that we will use for line up, we do rotate it from year to year. If your child is in the later groups we suggest that you come to register around 12:00pm, that way there is not such a line at the registration tables. Only one parent (or guardian) will be allowed in the judging area, no other children will be allowed in the judging area.If you have more than one child in the contest you will need to make sure there is someone to watch the others while the participant is being judged.

Order of Contest

Twins 3 Months-3 Years

Girls 6-8 Months

Boys 6-8 Months

Girls 9-11 Months

Boys 9-11 Months

Girls 2-3 Years

Boys 2-3 Years

Girls 12-18 Months

Boys 12-18 Months

Girls 3-5 Months

Boys 3-5 Months

Girls 19-23 Months

Boys 19-23 Months

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