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Teacher Helping Students Grow “I CAN – U CAN 2!"

Jennifer Hall, Preschool Teacher with Mill Creek East Elementary, initiated a gardening project like no other in Hendricks County. As she reached out to the community for help the response was “WE CAN”. Cascade High School’s FFA constructed seven raised beds for her students and to share with the school.

Hall applied for a Hendricks Co. Extension Homemakers Teacher Grant. Homemakers said “WE CAN” and awarded $100 to the project. Homemakers then contacted their peers in Master Gardeners, who also said “WE CAN” with matching funds and seeds.

This is only the beginning – soon the students will plant, grow, learn, and share their harvest. They hope to have fall produce so the school may serve it for lunch!!

Hendricks Co. Extension Homemakers, Master Gardeners and 4-H“will be doing their best to plant, grow, learn, and share “ I CAN - U CAN 2 ! ” throughout the County.

For Teacher Grant information contact the Hendricks Co. Extension Office – 317-745-9260.

All teachers in the County are eligible – funds used for education.

Jennifer Hall pictured receiving checks from Homemakers President (Rosie Lenihan) and Master Gardener President (Steve Pearl).

Article came from The Republican Newspaper
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