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4-H Bike Rodeo

Date: July 20, 2022
Time: 10:00 AM
A Bike Rodeo is usually a bicycle safety clinic featuring bike safety inspections (and optionally quick tune-ups), and a safety lecture about the rules of the road (10 to 15 minutes). This is followed by a ride on a miniature "chalk street" course set up in a parking lot where young cyclists are shown where and how to apply the rules. Optional activities include Helmet fitting, prizes and drawings, and in some cases commercial activities such as booths set up by bike shops etc.

The main focus of a bike rodeo is Cycling Safety for young cyclists, ages kindergarten to 14 or so.

Rodeos are usually held a week or two after school is out for the summer, perhaps earlier in warmer climates where kids start biking to school earlier in the year. They are usually held on a Saturday in a large parking lot where a fairly large chalk course can be laid out with simulated streets, intersections, crosswalks and stop signs.

The participants are usually escorted through the course by knowledgeable adult cyclists who point out hazards, safety tips, and explain how to apply the rules of the road that were mentioned in the lecture.

Quite often this walking chalk talk is best handled by local Police officers, either assigned or volunteers, who are familiar with bicycle safety issues and who are cyclists themselves. Many cities have Police Bicycle Patrols. These officers are frequently interested in participating in such events, because they see accidents, (and attend the victims) resulting from ignorance of cyclists.

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